Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Engineering conglomerate studies adaptation for Pacific Island nations

From the KBR Newsroom: KBR today announced that its Australian-based Remove Formatting from selectionInfrastructure and Minerals (I&M) business unit has been selected by the Asian Development Bank to execute a climate change adaptation study. KBR will work to identify the risks of potential climate change to five Pacific island nations, enabling the countries to better plan for and respond to related climatic risks.

KBR's Australia-based project team will work with the governments of East Timor, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Palau and Solomon Islands. The goal of KBR's work is to provide tools that enable better identification and mitigation of possible environmental threats. KBR will study the countries' existing and planned infrastructures, examine how they might be affected by climatic events such as a rise in sea levels, and recommend how they might best be protected from such events.

"This project will use an innovative new adaptation model developed by KBR in Australia, which places us at the forefront of the newly-emerging field of climate change adaptation," said Colin Elliott, President, KBR Infrastructure and Minerals. "Being selected to perform this work, is recognition of KBR's expertise and exemplifies the company's commitment to sustainability."

KBR is a global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power and industrial markets…

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