Saturday, November 13, 2010

Managing agricultural inputs for climate change adaptation

Md. Lokman Hossain Mazumder in the Daily Star (Bangladesh): Climate change is changing most of our traditional agricultural practices as the seasonal cycle and rainfall pattern have changed, droughts have become more frequent, violent stresses of cyclones, earthquakes, prolonged floods, salt water intrusion are increasing day by day. The average temperature has increased in the summer while winter season has shortened. There are some projections about climate change that are matter of concern for Bangladesh such as: temperature would rise 1.30 C by 2030 and 2.60 C by 2070, the sea level rise would be up to three feet and a greater part of the costal area would be inundated. As a consequence 17 percent of total cultivable land would be affected…

... Bangladesh is seriously vulnerable to climate-induced hazards although there are so many controversies about climate change. Role of Bangladesh is very limited in this regard (change), but she will have to suffer and face the tremendous impacts of climate change. There is no panacea to overcome the problems. Therefore, it will be wise for us to adapt ourselves with the changing environment with our limited resources.

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