Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Global warming could bring floods, drought and disease to Ukraine

Interfax: Global warming will bring more frequent floods, droughts and an increase in insect-borne disease to Ukraine, ecologists have warned. "Global climate change will bring about a general increase in air temperatures and more frequent natural disasters in Ukraine," the climate change program coordinator at the National Ecological Center of Ukraine Khrystyna Rudnytska said at a press conference on November 15.

According to her, western regions of the country will suffer from more frequent floods, while the country's eastern and southern regions will face droughts, problems with drinking water, and desertification. In addition, Ukraine might face a problem atypical for the region – the spread of diseases such as malaria. "There will be favorable conditions for the adaptation of insects that were formerly atypical for our country, and their being able to live on our territory," she said….

Ukrainian landscape, Herson region

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