Monday, November 22, 2010

Allianz warns climate change could hit harder than financial crisis

Insurance Journal: As the UN climate summit in Cancun approaches, the insurance industry is preparing to present its case to the poiticians, business leaders and scientists, who will be attending.

"As an insurer, we are the frontline industry to feel the heat of a changing climate," explained Allianz board member Joachim Faber. He also noted that in "our global industry insurance business alone, 40 percent of damages are due to storms and floods. Also, for our asset management entities, we have to watch rising temperatures. Governmental climate policies affect the value of companies and hence influence our investment decisions."

As a result Allianz, along with other re/insurers, are backing business leaders to ask "governments and policymakers to deliver significant progress in CO2 reduction.
Allianz noted that this appeal "is repeated annually, based on the lack of progress of both the world's major industrial powers and the emerging countries in the race against global warming."

…Armin Sandhoevel, CEO of Allianz Climate Solutions, added: "What is needed are binding worldwide targets for carbon emissions. To reduce CO2 emissions governments have to provide clear and predictable climate policies for the private sector to become active. Otherwise we'll inevitably see devastating impacts on the environment and society that will cause enormous costs for the global economy in the long run. Politicians need to take action, before it's too late.

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