Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nigeria may face water scarcity in 2020

Tina A. Hassan in AllAfrica.com via the Daily Trust (Nigeria): Executive Director of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), Professor Emmanuel Obot, says Nigeria would be faced with the challenge of water scarcity in the next ten years except adaptation strategies are put in place to reduce the increasing impacts of climate change.

Speaking at a National Training Workshop on Ecosystem and Community Adaptation to Climate Change in Abuja yesterday, Obot said Nigeria is faced with three major challenges in the face of climate change and they include water shortages due to loss of biodiversity.

He said changing climate and rainfall patterns are expected to have significant impacts on agricultural productivity especially in arid and semi arid regions. "Climate change would lead to water scarcity, increased risk of crop failure, pest infestation and permanent degradation of grazing land and livestock deaths," he said….

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