Monday, January 28, 2008

Climate criminals and climate genocide

We will be hearing more voices like this in the years to come. From MWC News (Media with Conscience): Climate Genocide driven by First World Climate Criminals has become a harsh reality with the recent disappearance into the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Bengali island of Lohachara (former population 10,000). Bengal – including West Bengal (population 85 million) and Bangladesh (population 153 million) is a densely populated part of the world that is acutely threatened (like Louisiana and New Orleans) by First World greenhouse gas pollution, global warming and consequent sea level rises and storm surges.

While a British group Bring Climate Criminals to Justice (BCCJ) focuses on the growing global warming threat to Bangladesh (see: HERE ), the world in general simply ignores the Anglo-Celtic and First World threat to Bengal – as indeed it has for 250 years since the Battle of Plassey (June 23, 1757) in which the British under Clive defeated the treason-compromised Bengalis under their Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah...

Bengal suffered egregiously at the hands of the British over 2 centuries but in the last 4 decades the role of British has been taken over by the Americans....

Flag of the British Raj from Barryob,

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