Monday, January 21, 2008

Top EU ecology expert wants global warming Marshall plan

The EU's head environmental official, Jacqueline McGlade, has called for a huge level of investment in the response to climate change. This story from Trend News Agency (Azerbaijan) makes a point that I haven't seen elsewhere -- that mitigation efforts will be costly, but adaptation may cost even more: ... Speaking ahead of the EU's planned release this week of what she called a "very ambitious climate change and energy package", McGlade said her agenda was to ensure that Europe was both united in its front on the environment and "doing its utmost" in the bloc's own environmental policies.

As head of the EEA which services the EU's 27 members as well as 10 other European countries, McGlade oversees Europe's environmental information system - a think tank and clearing house that studies economic, social and scientific aspects of global warming, air pollution, landfills, soil and sea health....

Photo of the Marshall Plan in Germany from Historical Documents, ARC #541691

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