Friday, January 25, 2008

American Geophysical Union's statment on climate change

A link to the American Geophysical Union's statement about the human role in climate change. A sober statement of the science won't make much headway against Senator James Inhofe's collection of 400 denialists, composed of outright lunatics, shills, and serious scientists who have objected to being misquoted and mischaracterized.

But the AGU's summary is still worth having: ...With climate change, as with ozone depletion, the human footprint on Earth is apparent. The cause of disruptive climate change, unlike ozone depletion, is tied to energy use and runs through modern society. Solutions will necessarily involve all aspects of society. Mitigation strategies and adaptation responses will call for collaborations across science, technology, industry, and government. Members of the AGU, as part of the scientific community, collectively have special responsibilities: to pursue research needed to understand it; to educate the public on the causes, risks, and hazards; and to communicate clearly and objectively with those who can implement policies to shape future climate.

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