Friday, February 13, 2009

Farming sector aims to clean up its carbon act

EurActiv: Use of fertiliser usage and other modern agricultural practices can help to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure food security, argued business representatives and experts at a conference yesterday (12 February).

Speaking at the conference, president of the European Fertiliser Manufacturers Association (EFMA) Tor Holba said "emissions can be reduced by 50% with new N2O cleaning technology and energy efficiency, 'tailormade' fertilisers and modern agricultural practices". "Agriculture has a very significant role to play in mitigating greenhouse gases," said Pete Smith, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Aberdeen.

…The use of fertilisers on a global scale is known to emit significant quantities of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Emissions come about through the production of fertiliser, which releases methane, nitrous oxide, ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Agriculture and forestry were left out from plans to extend the EU's CO2 emission trading scheme after 2012. The decision was made due to difficulties related to measuring emissions from these sectors accurately....

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