Monday, February 9, 2009

Rockefeller help Vietnamese, Indian cities boost climate change resilience

VietnamNet: The Rockefeller Foundation office in Bangkok has announced a 70 million USD fund to assist Asian cities develop plans to prepare, withstand and recover from the devastating effects of climate change, including six cities in Vietnam and India.

The foundation is currently investing in Da Nang, Can Tho and Quy Nhon cities of Vietnam and Surat, Indore and Gorakphur of India, said the US-non profit organisation in a press release late last month. It said that the “Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network” project is designed to build the resilience of communities most likely to be hardest hit by climate change.

Over the next year, project will help develop climate change risk and vulnerability analyses involving multiple local stakeholders and climate and technical experts. This will be followed by the development of resilience-building projects.

Potential projects might include health systems investments to address the spread of dengue, infrastructure improvements to manage flooding, land-use and building-code reform, or the development of catastrophe bonds and new insurance products. After an evaluation of the resilience projects, the Foundation will work with its various partners, prominent among which is the World Bank, to create mechanisms for sharing information and replicating these model projects….

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