Friday, February 20, 2009

Adapting to snow, or not

I had some posts all ready to link to. I just needed to drive home. But a two-hour trip turned into a snowbound overnight stay because the Carbon-Based mobile couldn't make it up a hill about ten miles from my house. Whiteout conditions. No four-wheel drive. We turned around and hunkered down in a lovely old-fashioned motel in Kent, Connecticut, where I could find no wireless service and no bars on my air card.

A disruption in blogging service because this advocate for resilience and preparedness couldn't handle the snow. A lesson to us all. Get some snow tires, admit reality when it comes to winter conditions in the Litchfield Hills. Or, even more to the point, read the weather report.

This illustration by Milo Winter comes from Aesop for Children, one of the first books I remember reading.

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