Sunday, October 19, 2008

Canada to spend $100 million to help fight climate change

Calgary Herald, via Canwest News Service: Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the closing news conference of the Francophonie summit Sunday that Canada would spend $100 million to help developing countries adapt to climate change issues.

The funds would be destined "almost exclusively to countries that are not necessarily major contributors to climate change or major sources of greenhouse gas emissions but will nevertheless be affected, in particular small insular and vulnerable states" Harper said. "Those are the groups of the countries we are looking to help."

"Countries like Canada understand that least developed countries do not have the same resources as developed countries to manage climate change and adaptation," Harper said. A statement on the announcement singled out "small island developing states, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific."

Harper said the funds are money provided for in the most recent budget, although a formal announcement had not been made before Sunday. He said most of funds would be distributed through international organizations, including the World Bank. "We anticipate most of this money from the Government of Canada's perspective to be distributed to international organizations in this fiscal year," Harper said….