Monday, October 13, 2008

Wealthy nations’ failure to mitigate climate change violates rights in developing countries Human rights abuse does not only happen in times of conflict. In its report “Climate Wrongs and Human Rights” released recently, a major civil society group Oxfam International said that the lackluster response of industrialized countries to climate change mitigation is another ticking bomb for human rights violations in developing nations. “In failing to tackle climate change with urgency, rich countries are effectively violating the human rights of millions of the world’s poorest people,” Oxfam stated.

The report stressed that the industrialized countries’ lack of commitment to clean up their own backyard will hamper the worldwide effort to keep global temperature from going beyond the critical threshold of 2ºC, the ideal temperature in which climate change could be kept at bay.

…The most vulnerable communities to climate change are the developing countries. Oxfam, quoting the IPCC, illustrated that climate change could halve the produce of farmers in some parts of Africa in 2020, and victimize one billion people in Asia through water shortage.

Clean own backyard With their major contribution to carbon emission, rich countries should pave the way for mitigation by cleaning their own backyard, Oxfam said…..

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