Friday, July 19, 2013

Heavy storm hits Gambia, leaving two dead and 400 homeless

Alhagie F.S. Sora in via Foroyaa Newspaper (Gambia): Reliable information received from Niani District indicates that a heavy storm occurred there Tuesday night July 16th which led to the death of two people, several people injured, and over 400 hundred others rendered homeless.

According to an eye witness account, this incident happened between the hours of 20.00 hrs to 21:30hrs which lasted for about 1:30 minutes.

According to eyewitnesses,2 people namely; Fanta Barrow, a 70 year old woman of Tubakutoto village in Niani and Awa Njie,45 years, originally from Nuimi Bakindik village in the North Bank were visiting relatives at the time, died in the fatal incident on Tuesday 16 July 2013. The villages affected are Kayayi, Sukuta, Tubakutoto, Fula Kunda and Kuntaur Jakaba.

The report also reveals that Jakong Barrow, a 50 year old woman from Bajakunda in the Wuli East district who also came to visit her relatives in the area and Mariama Janneh, an 11 year old girl of Kuntaur Fula Kunda village, are all admitted at Kuntaur health centre.

The report stated that almost four to five hundred people are currently homeless including civil servants. It reveals that Kuntaur Fula Kunda staff quarters have its roof blown away. The report indicated that the storm which led to the death of these two people also destroyed more than 100 compounds....

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