Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flood protection planning for North Dakota

Lindsey D. Fry in in KFYR (Bismarck, North Dakota): North Dakota could see as much as $65 million in federal money to help build permanent flood protection. The funds come in the form of Hazard Mitigation grants, which provide money to state and local governments to implement long-term protection after a disaster.

Senator Conrad said it is desperately needed to begin rebuilding the communities devastated by this summer`s flood. “This isn`t about me, this is about 4,000 families that had their homes destroyed in Minot North Dakota,” said Conrad.

Conrad said right now no community in the country deserves the attention more than Minot and Burlington. But he added certain factors must happen before a successful recovery is made. “If we don`t get additional resources in CDBG, and if we don`t have flexibility to use this hazard mitigation money that will be coming in to this state, we are not going to have kind of recovery all of us want to see,” said Conrad...

The North Dakota National Guard’s patrols one of the mandatory evacuation zones in Minot County on June 22, 2011. The patrols help ensure that all citizens have evacuated their homes and to render assistance in the areas threatened by the rising water of the Souris River that has exceeded major flood stage. (Photo by Spc. Cassandra Simonton, 116th Public Affairs Detachment)

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