Monday, October 10, 2011

Famine in Somalia is Africa's wake-up call via the Herald (Zimbabwe): Climate change and global warming do not provide favours for poor people, especially the rural folk. They pile misery on agricultural productivity and increase the frequency and severity of droughts that jeorpadise food production and security. The effects of climate change on agriculture are painful.

Today, average temperature and changing rainfall patterns in Zimbabwe increase the threat of hunger. Although we cannot adequately reverse the effects of nature, there is something we can do to address food security and impact of climate change on agriculture.

Innovative small-scale farming practices, particularly conservation agriculture can be useful for households and communities in adapting to climate change and global warming. Conservation agriculture encompasses sustainable use of natural resources through an integrated management of available soil, water and biological resources.

It aims to conserve, improve and make more efficient the use of natural resources in crop production at the same time contributing to environmental conservation. Capacitating households and the promotion of better farming methods are crucial for improving sustainable food production, optimal land use and increased water resource management....

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