Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zanzibar study on drought-resistant maize seeds gets underway

Mwinye Sadallah in IPP Media via the Guardian: The government of Zanzibar has said that a research project on better maize seeds being conducted by scientists from five African countries will help to overcome drought and food shortages in the respective countries.

The remarks were made on Monday by Minister of State in the Second Vice-President’s Office Mohamed Aboud when opening a third meeting of scientists convened to assess the project, which focuses on getting better maize seeds that will withstand drought, known as Water-Efficient Maize for Africa (Wema).

He said since maize is being consumed in many African countries, obtaining drought-resistant seeds will help to increase production and overcome the problem of food shortages facing most countries in the continent.

“The government supports efforts being made by agricultural scientists in helping farmers to obtain better seeds, which would overcome climate change impacts, especially drought,” Aboud said.
He said the Isles government has started conducting research on getting better seeds for banana, coconut and fighting pests.

Aboud said in implementing the second phase of the Zanzibar strategy for growth and poverty reduction, agriculture has been given priority, including providing loans for farm implements to small-scale farmers to achieve the goal of strengthening agriculture….

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