Saturday, February 12, 2011

Climate change investment in Peru exceeds US$ 1 billion

ANDINA (Peru): Climate change investment in Peru exceeds S/. 3 billion (some US$ 1.08 billion), said the Environment Ministry, which so far is working in 68 adaptation, anti-desertification and mitigation projects.

Some 37 percent of these projects belong to those liable to execution, while the remaining 63 percent are in phases of negotiation and formulation, noted the General Directorate of Climate Change, Desertification and Water Resources at the Environment Ministry. Every project comes from different sectors in the three levels of government (central, regional and local), as well as from international cooperation.

The investment amount of these projects, which are part of the ministry’s Adaptation and Mitigation Action Plan Against Climate Change, are related to the registry and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation measures to climate change, vigilance systems, and adaptation and mitigation capacities, among others….

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