Monday, February 14, 2011

Why are Ugandans worried?

Degsew Amanu in AfricaNews: … According to Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda is one of the most affected countries in climate change. The ministry says climate change has led to adverse effects in Uganda which include; declining water resources, reduced agricultural productivity, spread of vector-borne diseases to new areas, drop in fish population and increased flooding and heavier rainfall among others.

A recent International Climate Risk Report also labels Uganda as one of the most unprepared and most vulnerable countries in the world as a country that agriculture takes 80 percent of the total GDP. Aribo Lawrence, Senior Programme Officer, Climate Change Unit of Ministry of Water and Environment, explained the magnitude of the problem by mentioning some areas like eastern and northern parts of the country.

“Arua district of Northern Uganda hit by severe drought last year since the rain stopped early and crops were demolished”, he noted. “Consequently, people come to town to beg and they were saying “we do not have food to eat. We have lost our crops because of drought.” This incident was strange for many Ugandans”, he added.

Devs Bamanya, Head of Seasonal Forecasting and Data Processing in the meteorological department, is of the same mind in the fact that several parts of Uganda are being affected by climate change….

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