Saturday, November 29, 2008

Climate battle will fail unless poor helped: EU president

ABS-CBN News: Efforts to tackle global climate change will fail unless poorer countries are helped to adapt to the environmental and technological challenges, EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso was set to say in Doha on Saturday. "Climate change is going to be crucial for developing countries," Barroso was to tell the UN conference on Financing for Development, according to prepared remarks.

He was referring to a conference next month in Poznan, Germany and a summit in Copenhagen next year, both aiming to grapple with climate change. "Doha and Poznan have to move forward together, hand in hand. Indeed, Copenhagen will not succeed without a serious solution on adaptation," he said.

…Barroso told AFP on Friday that projects to deal with climate change and provide energy security can contribute to growth, while renewable energy projects such as solar power "can be a great source of revenue" in developing countries. For those countries, the challenges of climate change comes on top of threats to food and energy security and an uncertain impact from the recession in major economies, "while hundreds of millions of people cannot afford basic foodstuffs and risk falling deeper into poverty," according to his Saturday remarks…

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