Saturday, November 22, 2008

Farmers in Bangladesh rally for damages for adverse impact of climate change impacts

Energy Bangla: Speakers at a farmers’ rally in Khulna city, Bangladesh, on Saturday demanded compensation from the rich countries responsible for adverse impact of climate change on Bangladesh. The Coastal Area Campaign Group, a platform of 35 non-governmental organisations, organised the rally ahead of Poznan summit on climate change scheduled for December 1-12 in Poland. The Coastal Area Campaign Group is working in the country’s coastal region under Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood.

About 5,000 farmers, researchers, political leaders, representatives from local government bodies, civil society groups, socio-cultural and professional organisations and journalists attended the rally.

… Gorranga Nandi put forward a seven-point proposal for the government to consider during any negotiation and making any agreement related to climate change at Poznan summit. He suggested that the government should demand compensation to the countries like Banglaedsh affected by climate change, lessening the level of emission of greenhouse gas, unconditional funding – not in terms of loan or grant but in terms of compensation – by the rich countries for combating risk of climate change, not pressuring the developing countries to lessen emission and funding to the poor and developing countries for use of appropriate technology for adaptation, immigration of the climate refugees in the rich countries...

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