Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Heartland Institute -- politicized, bad-faith pseudoscience

Once again, Joseph Romm takes on the climate denialists. Enjoy. It's akin to watching a samurai filet a fish in mid-air. And yet we know that the well-funded Heartland Institute will blithely ignore all criticism.

One of the frustrations of entering this otiose debate is that scientific voices get no traction because the denialists don't listen, and keep recycling the same old arguments. No matter how often the various toothpicks propping up the anti-climate change "case" are kicked away, a few months later the same ones are back in a slightly different form.

Romm does an excellent job of explaining the media methods that play into this pattern.

Print from 1578, Iwasa Katsushige, Wikimedia Commons

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