Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Antarctic ice shelf breaks off -- a selection of stories

BBC News
Slab of Antarctic ice shelf collapses amid warming
Reuters UK, UK - 47 minutes ago
By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Satellite images show that a large hunk of Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf has started to collapse in a fast-warming ...
Scientists: Antarctic ice shelf collapsing as result of climate change Xinhua
Western Antarctic Ice Chunk Collapses The Associated Press
Giant Antarctic ice shelf collapses (+photos) New Zealand Herald
National Geographic - FOXNews
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Massive chunk of Antarctic ice breaks away
Marlborough Express, New Zealand - 1 minute ago
A chunk of Antarctic ice about seven times the size of Manhattan suddenly collapsed, putting an even greater portion of glacial ice at risk, scientists said ...

Huge chunk of Antarctic ice shelf collapses
LIVENEWS.com.au, Australia - 5 minutes ago
A chunk of Antarctic ice about seven times the size of Manhattan has suddenly collapsed, and scientists are putting it down to global warming. ...

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Kailash Chand said...

The latest news about climate change is so alarming (the right wing would say alarmist) as to make many people want to plant their aching heads in the sand. Some scientists using advanced computer models now argue that if we want to stop the Earth from warming, the amount of carbon we should be emitting is ... none. None? As in, zero? As in, shutting down the global industrial economy? After all, global energy demand is expected to accelerate until at least 2020. Yet attempts even to slow the rate of increase of carbon emissions have paralyzed world politics for more than a decade.