Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fertlizer prices likely to rise in Pakistan (and elsewhere)

A note in the Post (Karachi) shows how food prices and the energy markets are intertwined: Prices of fertilisers might be increased ahead of Kharif crop season due to soaring oil and gas prices, increase in prices of agriculture raw materials and freight. Importers of fertilisers said, it has become difficult for the importers/manufacturers of fertilisers to retain stability in the prices of fertilisers owing to increase in its price at international markets. A fertiliser dealer told The Post that at present, the price of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) was about Rs 2,800 per bag and there was expectation that it might further rise in coming days. DAP prices remained Rs 1,500 in November 2007. It means that price of DAP was almost doubled within the period of just three and half month. Agri experts, keeping in view the current market were expecting a huge increase in the prices of fertilisers.

Apart from high prices of fertilisers, quality of fertilisers is also another issue.The recent hike in oil products has not only adversely affected the common man but also compelled the farmers across the country to review their strategies regarding the Kharif crop. It is pertinent to know that the country had faced the sugar and wheat crises during the last couple of years while currently it is facing the worst ever power and water crises. Furthermore, the recent alarming increase in diesel and oil prices has taken the commodity markets by surprise.

A dung spreader, Markus Hagenlocher, Wikimedia Commons

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