Monday, March 31, 2008

Climate change badly affects Pakistan's food security

A brief piece on South Asian adaptation from the Daily Times (Pakistan): Exerts say that climate change was a global issue and its link with sustainable development and security (food, water, energy, social) was crucial. The climate problem could not be resolved through environment policy, but has to be integrated with development, said Dr Adil Najam, a renowned scholar and a distinguished professor at the Boston University, USA. He expressed these views at a seminar organized by LEAD Pakistan.

“Pakistan has faced a water crisis, a food crisis, among many things, which indicate that we have a problem related to climate change. We need to monitor climate data and carry-out more research for action.”...

Flag of Pakistan, "Pumbaa80," Wikimedia Commons


Anonymous said...

i agree, the climate change is affecting all of us. its terrifing. lets pray that our kids find new ways to stop this horrid faze.

Anonymous said...

i agree also, what a terribal thing, i just wish gabe would come and help us.