Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gaza province in Mozambique developing "positively", despite floods via Mozambique Information Agency: Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Wednesday gave a positive assessment of the economic and political situation in the southern province of Gaza, despite the repeated floods in the Limpopo valley.

Speaking at a press conference marking the end of his working visit to Gaza province, as part o
f his “open and inclusive presidency”, Guebuza said that the agricultural sector in Gaza had shown most progress in its performance. “My impression is that Gaza province is continuing to develop, continuing to grow, both politically and economically”, he said, “even though it has faced disasters in the shape of floods”.

Despite the floods, he added, the persistence of the farmers ensured visible results of economic growth. Guebuza said that the Limpopo river is the key to the economic development of Gaza, but the province lacks the infrastructures which could control the waters of the Limpopo.

“We all know the causes of the difficulties with the Limpopo - climate change, but also the lack of facilities that could help control the waters, such as more dikes and also dams”, the President said....

Rain over the Limpopo River in Mozambique, US military photo

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