Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pakistan ranked 20th most climate vulnerable country

Ijaz Kakakhel in the Daily Times (Pakistan): Pakistan has been ranked among the top 20 highly vulnerable countries impacted by climate change, sources told Daily Times on Tuesday.

According to the Maplecroft Climate Change Vulnerabilities Index, Pakistan has been placed among the ‘high risk’ category of countries impacted by climate change. Another organisation by the name of German Watch has identified Pakistan among the top 10 highly vulnerable countries of the world.

In order to deal with such ‘high risk’ of climate change, the government has taken a number of measures to improve the situation. Main purpose of these measures is to control the magnitude of the challenges of climate change in the country, the sources maintained.

Global Change Impact Study Centre (GCISC) was established in 2002 as a dedicated centre for climate change research and providing assistance to national planners and policymakers for strategic planning in the wake of climate change. The prime minister’s Committee on Climate Change was established in 2005 as an overarching body for guidance on climate change issues. Planning Commission has established a special task force on climate change, and it was told to prepare a detailed report on the impacts of climate change in the country. The task force on climate change produced its report in February 2010 wherein it was highlighted that the climate change is impacting our water, food and energy securities...

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