Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mankind must change ways to survive, report says

Deutsche Welle: Mankind may face extinction if it fails to change its ways, the Club of Rome think tank has said. Short-sighted political and economical models are the problem, according to a new report by the group.

If mankind does not take more action to alleviate climate change, it will soon see evidence that the planet has reached its limits, the Club of Rome report says. Both economic and population growth will stagnate within the next 40 years without a change of tack on the part of governments.

"We need a system of governance that takes a more long-term view," said the report's author, Norwegian environmental scientist Jorgen Randers, at its launch in Rotterdam on Tuesday. "It is unlikely that governments will pass necessary regulation to force the markets to allocate more money into climate-friendly solutions," he said, adding that markets can't be expected to work for the benefit of mankind....

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