Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flood fears rise as rain drenches south of Britain

James Meikle in the Guardian (UK): People were warned not to wade or drive into flood water following the death of a man on the Berkshire-Hampshire border on Monday and an overnight alarm when a man was reported shouting for help in a flooded part of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Fire and rescue boats were launched to search an area off the Gloucester Road in the town early on Tuesday but found nothing.

Police too are still investigating the report from a member of the public of a man shouting in a flooded area at around 2.30am.

Another man reported missing from a different part of the town in a separate incident was later found.

The fire brigade for the county warned people not to wade or drive into flood water, backing up a similar plea from Devon and Somerset rescue services who attended seven incidents in two days. There were fears that many parts of England and Wales faced further flooding on Tuesday after heavy rain continued to drench southern Britain following the wettest April since 1910, when records began....

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