Friday, May 4, 2012

Assessing vulnerability in Gambia

Meita Touray in the Daily Observer (Banjul): A two day bilateral forum on Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of the Saloum Delta and The Gambia River Estuary was recently held at the Sun Wing Beach Hotel in Kololi.

The two day forum organised by the USAID/Ba- Nafaa project brought together participants from The Gambia and Senegalwith a view to broadening their intellectual horizon on the vulnerability of the ecosystem to climate change. Participants were also exposed to the negative human activities that trigger such vulnerability and as well formulate recommendations for adaptation measures.

The workshop outlined key priority adaptation measures for consideration by the two governments, the diverse group of stakeholders and other partners in development. Delivering his opening remarks, the Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and the National Assembly Matters, Hon. Abdou Kolley hailed the USAID/Ba- Nafaa project for commissioning the climate change vulnerability assessment.

He noted that the Coastal and Marine areas of The Gambia and Senegal are highly susceptible to the negative impact of climate change. Evidence of which he said shows that the coastal and marine ecosystem are already affected by multiple stressors with climate change becoming a more serious threat compounded by anthropogenic activities and their negative impact on the natural environment...

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