Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Theist weather dude says, not enough God

Effect Measure finds a choice specimen in Senator Imhofe's list of "scientists" who dispute the IPCC's view of climate change: ...On his blog, Chris Allen, the TV weatherman from WBKO, Bowling Green, Kentucky, explains to us why he doesn't believe that humans are responsible for climate change. He is quick to say that just because he doesn't have a "Dr." in front of his name is no reason we shouldn't take his arguments seriously. We agree. This is why we shouldn't take his arguments seriously:
My biggest argument against putting the primary blame on humans for climate change is that it completely takes God out of the picture. It must have slipped these people's minds that God created the heavens and the earth and has control over what's going on. (Dear Lord Jesus...did I just open a new pandora's box?) Yeah, I said it. Do you honestly believe God would allow humans to destroy the earth He created? Of course, if you don't believe in God and creationism then I can see why you would easily buy into the whole global warming fanfare. I think in many ways that's what this movement is ultimately out to do - rid the mere mention of God in any context. What these environmentalists are actually saying is "we know more than God - we're bigger than God - God is just a fantasy - science is real...He isn't...listen to US!" I have a huge problem with that. (Chris's Blog, WBKO; hat tip Gristmill)

Chris Allen is no ordinary weather mannequin. Not at all. He's one of the Imhofe 400, one of whackjob Senator James Imhofe's list of "400 prominent scientists" who aren't part of the scientific consensus on climate change.

Chris Allen deserves to be even more prominent, so I'm doing my part.

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