Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A resilient New Year's greeting from Carbon-Based

Happy 2008 to the 2,486 readers who visited Carbon-Based in 2007! To greet the New Year and make it on time to a party that beckons, I'm giving you a quick selection of news stories about climate change adaptation.

Climate Change: Mankind’s biggest challenge
Ceylon Daily News, Sri Lanka - 1 hour ago
We can solve the problem of the climate change along with the development.” What is really meant by adaptation programmes?
Millions of Bangkokians at risk
Nation Multimedia, Thailand - 3 hours ago
The report says: "… the benefits of climate change policies for both global mitigation and local adaptation at the city-scale are potentially great.

Business rules
Frontline, India - 8 hours ago
How would we take care of the adaptation needs of the poor of this world who are already hit by climate change impacts and will face far greater damage in the future?
Bali road map
Frontline, India - 8 hours ago
... opportunities to achieve lower stabilisation levels and increases the risk of more severe climate change impacts.
Caroline town rep back from climate summit
Ithaca Journal, NY - 9 hours ago
He said the US delegation also fought adaptation funds to cope with climate change and clean technology transfer, among other measures.
OpEdNews, PA - 10 hours ago
These consensus statements addressed the Physical Science Basis of Climate Change, The Impacts of Adaptation and Vulnerability, and The Mitigation of Climate Change. This work contributed to by thousands of scientists from countries around the world ...
Expect vast improvements in welfare, services sectors
Stabroek News, Guyana - 10 hours ago
"More will be spent on adaptation and mitigation to protect the productive sectors and our citizens from flooding, even as we seek a fair and equitable global framework to address climate change." In 2008, he said, greater emphasis will be placed on ...
International figures to watch in 2008
Modesto Bee, CA - 11 hours ago
KEVIN RUDD, prime minister of Australia -- After Rudd was sworn in as prime minister in December, he immediately changed Australia's course by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, leaving the United States as the only industrialized nation ...
British wildlife in steep decline as man-made activities take ...
Independent, UK - 11 hours ago
... adaptation in the face of climate change, not to mention the planning implications for those three million new house that the Prime Minister hopes to see swiftly built - hopefully all with an eye to sustainability, green spaces and urban nature.

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