Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirteen dead in Mexico mudslides

Space Daily via AFP: Mudslides crashed through several homes in eastern Mexico on Monday, killing at least 13 people after a tropical storm pelted the state of Veracruz with heavy rains, officials said.

The storm named Fernand weakened to a tropical depression after making landfall just before midnight, unleashing a deluge that flooded streets, homes and businesses in some towns and caused rivers to overflow.

Governor Javier Duarte, who had ordered the closure of schools before the storm came ashore, urged residents to heed any calls for evacuations and said the authorities remained on high alert.

Nine people died in the town of Yecuatla, three more in Tuxpan and one in Atzalan, he said. "They were all caused by mudslides on their homes," Duarte told a news conference....

The track of Tropical Storm Fernand, August 23-26, 2013, created by Cyclonebiskit, public domain

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