Friday, August 16, 2013

Khartoum's roadside refugees call for help after floods

Space Daily via AFP: It looks as if an earthquake, not a flood, hit the Khartoum district of Sharq ElNeel.
 Heavy roofs have collapsed in on themselves, crushing what was below, while the bricks in less sturdy homes have simply tumbled down, forming piles of rubble.

Two weeks after the worst flooding in years hit Sudan's capital region, killing about 30 and affecting more than 84,000, ankle-deep muddy water still covers this district east of the Blue Nile river.

Sharq ElNeel is one of the worst-hit areas. "Now this street is my home," says Jamaal Hamad, one of dozens of roadside refugees who have set up camp in this mixed residential and farming area.

They have carried beds through the water, attached pieces of wood and cloth, and built crude shelters next to the busy two-lane paved street.

"Our house was destroyed and we live under the sun now. We even lost all our furniture," says Ali Mohammed, a labourer who earns 600 pounds a month (about $84, 63 euros). "So I cannot save money for rebuilding. We really need help from the government and others," he says….

Khartoum from space, via NASA

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