Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thousands displaced by flooding in Kenya via Sabahi: Thousands of people have been displaced across Kenya as four different rivers overflowed their banks on Monday and Tuesday (April 8th and 9th), Kenya's The Standard reported. In Kisumu County, the Awach and Asawo rivers flooded, displacing 4,000 people. At least 150 homes have been destroyed, according to the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).

KRCS assistant secretary for the Western region Emmanuel Owako said assessment teams are working to establish exact figures. The Athi river burst its banks on Monday, displacing 2,000 people and submerging crops in the Kwa Mang'eli and Nzomo slums.

"The rainy season is here and it has just started. It is wise if all those residing near the river move to safe places," said Area District Commissioner Kodeck Makori. As many as 20,000 people could be displaced by continued flooding, he said, adding that the government is working to provide humanitarian assistance....

A 1998 flood on the Tana River in Kenya, US Department of Defense photo

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