Saturday, April 21, 2012

Proper soil management needed to combat climate change, protect earth

Midwest Producer (US): Soils and plants play a significant role in global climate change, said Chuck Rice, K-State university distinguish ed professor of agronomy. And the relationship is a two-way street since climate change also can affect food and fiber production in the future, he added. These are some of the most critical issues to consider on Earth Day 2012, he said, since the issue will only grow more complex with time if it is not addressed soon.

"Food and energy security, water availability and quality, and climate change adaptation and mitigation are some of the greatest challenges facing our society," Rice said. "Appropriate management of soils offers the potential to provide solutions for each of these challenges."

Agricultural practices must be developed to mitigate climate change, adapt cropping systems to expected changes, meet future demands for food, feed, fiber, and bioenergy, and protect natural resources, Rice said.

"We will have to find ways to increase production for the purpose of providing food security for nine billion people by the middle of the 21st century, while also protecting the environment and enhancing function of global ecosystems," he said "The challenge is further compounded by climate change impacts that now require mitigation."...

An Irving Rusinow shot from 1941, bailing sorghum stalks in Haskell, Kansas (from the Department of Agriculture)

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