Thursday, April 19, 2012

FEMA contractors needed in Midwest following 100+ tornadoes in 24 hours over weekend

My San Antonio via PR Web: FEMA contractors are needed after over 100 tornadoes ravaged the Midwest in only 24 hours over the past weekend, according to the New York Times. Although the current death toll is low due to concentration in rural areas and early warnings from officials, conditions for severe weather in the region are still ripe throughout the week and FEMA is standing ready to assist and support affected communities.

Six fatalities have been confirmed in Woodward, OK, as well as 29 injuries, due to an EF3 tornado. A State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor of Oklahoma in 12 counties. Thousands are currently without power in both OK and KS. 75% of Thurman IA was destroyed by an EF2 tornado whose path stretched 10 miles long. The recent string of tornadoes comes only just over a month after another devastating storm rocked the Midwest and South with deadly and destructive tornadoes.

To fulfill its emergency response and support mission, FEMA relies heavily on contractors from the private sector to provide services and assist affected communities. While there is an immediate need for debris removal and construction contractors, FEMA has a need for products and services in virtually all industries. With tornado season off to a prolific start and hurricane season quickly approaching, contractors nationwide should begin preparing for future contracting demands by checking their registration status....

Sorry I made a mess, dude. A NOAA shot of an April 12, 2012 tornado in Marquette, Kansas

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