Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back from the void

Our power and internet just returned, after we went dark during the Halloween nor'easter.

Here we are, cooling our heels at a local school serving as a warming center, charging our phones and tablets. I haven't gotten the hang of blogging from an iPad, so I've been reading Anna Karenin instead. It feels appropriate, since Litchfield County has had a 19th century Russian feel to it, only with internal combustion engines and Facebook.

Our personal adaptation to climate disruption has been mixed. On the one hand, we shelled out a few years ago for a powerful generator that kept us going for two and a half days. Then the thrumming fell silent, plunging us into gloom. The lubricating oil had gotten used up, and the manual made refilling it seem daunting. After two dark, cold days, the local electrician's office called and explained out to do it myself. Back in business. I'll be ready next time.

And we were among the fortunate ones. We talked to one guy from Norfolk who had to get up early, chop enough wood for himself and his parents, and then rush to work. At the local school, elderly and disabled neighbors were warming up.

We're hearing much justified muttering about our utility cutting back on trimming trees and on maintenance in general. But still -- two big storms in the past two months strains the entire system.

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