Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dhaka to stress climate compensation for LDCs

The Daily Star (Bangladesh): Operationalisation of Green Climate Fund (GCF), compensation for climate refugees, and preferential treatment of LDCs will be the most important priorities for Bangladesh in the forthcoming Durban climate conference in South Africa late this month.

State Minister for Environment and Forests Dr Hasan Mahmud said this while speaking as the chief guest at a roundtable, "Climate Change Negotiation Process Towards COP 17 in Durban", in Cirdap auditorium. “We will focus on money and migration as both would go hand in hand. More and more people are being displaced due to the adverse impacts of climate change across the world, with the highest number of people displaced in Bangladesh”, he said.

Since 1970, according to a statistics, about 39 million people have been displaced by major natural calamities like flood and cyclone in the country till 2009. Experts warn that about 6-8 million more people of Bangladesh could be displaced due to increase in global temperature and sea-level rise by 2050.

The state minister said the highest number of people was displaced due to climate change, and migration is the ultimate solution to it. Referring to the government's plan, Dr Mahmud said we would go for study about the comprehensive assessment of climate-displaced people and it would start after Durban conference....

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