Sunday, November 27, 2011

After apartheid, Tutu aims at 'huge enemy' climate change

Terra Daily via AFP: Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu on Sunday branded climate change a "huge, huge enemy" that threatened the common home of humanity, imperilling rich and poor alike. At a rally on the eve of the 12-day UN climate talks in Durban, Tutu said that after the battle to crush apartheid, mankind must now unite in the goal of conquering carbon.

One the great figures in the effort to end whites-only rule, the 80-year-old former archbishop thanked other countries that had backed the long campaign, especially those in Africa who had taken in refugees and the children of anti-apartheid fighters.

"Now we are facing another huge, huge enemy. And no one, no country can fight that enemy on his own... an enemy called global warming, climate change," he said. "We have only one home. This is the only home we have. And whether you are rich or poor, this is your only home... you are members of one family, the human race."

He added: "You who are rich, you have to come to our side. And we will be waiting for you, on the other side."...

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