Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wales set for more floods and hotter summers warns expert

Daily Post (UK): Wales is set to experience more floods and hotter summers, an expert has warned. Nobel prize winner and Denbighshire born Sir John Houghton told the Daily Post how it was likely that floods would rise in North Wales as a result of climate change. The ex-chief executive of the Met Office predicted that millions of people could be holidaying in Wales in the future as a result of warmer summers.

He added while it was hard to say that the recent peak in weather was a consequence of global warming, recent patterns could be interpreted as a step in that direction, he claimed. Last week, Wales recorded the warmest day in the year with places like Porthmadog in Gwynedd shooting up to 24 degrees.

…“The biggest effects we will have in Wales is sea level rise and flooding. The North Wales coast is very vulnerable to storms. We may get warmer summers and in the future if you go to the Mediterranean in the summer that’s going to be very hot and dry, which could mean more people will want to come to Wales.

“Welsh agriculture will have to adapt and countries in Africa and Asia will also get hotter so hundred’s of million could migrate. It’s a serious problem….”

Who knew the Welsh flag sports a glowering dragon? I'm impressed

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