Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flood prevention ponds in works for Canadian city

Times & Transcript (New Brunswick): The director of design and construction for the City of Moncton's Engineering department says it's now "full speed ahead" on a project aimed at preventing a repeat of the devastating basement floods that struck Moncton's Hildegarde subdivision in 2009.

Alcide Richard said yesterday the city now has the consent it needs from the Province of New Brunswick to build three water retention ponds at the side of Wheeler Boulevard, part of which is provincial property. "We've gotten something in writing from the minister," he said.

Getting the provincial approval had been a matter of some urgency for the city, as it hopes to complete the first phase of the two-phase construction project during this construction season.

…After the 2009 flooding, a number of other remediation measures were undertaken that have so far prevented a repeat of the unprecedented basement floods. But the whole point of investing what's expected to be close to $17 million upgrading the storm sewer infrastructure is being prepared for events that might only come along every few decades. As any of the more than 70 flooded Hildegarde residents will tell you, having a basement that might only flood once in your lifetime is still pretty cold comfort.

Peace of mind is not cheap, unfortunately. The particular project under way now, the construction of a series of three retention ponds, will cost about $7.5 million….

Downtown Moncton, shot by Stu pendousmat

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