Thursday, January 20, 2011

Congo, Burundi are set to sign Nile River water accord rejected by Egypt

William Davison in Bloomberg: The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi may soon sign an accord on water usage from the Nile River, paving the way for ratification of a pact that strips Egypt of its rights to the flow from the world’s longest river.

The leaders of the two nations are set to adopt the so- called Comprehensive Framework Agreement once they “fully understand” the issues, Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said in an interview in Addis Ababa, the capital, on Jan. 15. One of the stipulations of the CFA is that it should be signed by Aug. 1.

A 1929 treaty brokered by the former colonial power, Britain, granted Egypt a veto over projects that may alter the flow of the Nile. A 1959 pact between Egypt and Sudan claimed 90 percent of the Nile’s flow for the two countries. The CFA, signed by Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya in May, will establish a commission to oversee dam building and irrigation development, effectively stripping Egypt of the veto. Almost all of Egypt’s water supply comes from the Nile.

Egypt and Sudan need to understand “there is no way out without cooperating,” said Hailemariam, who is also Ethiopia’s foreign minister. Not only was Ethiopia not party to the two treaties, but they are also “obsolete and unjust. It’s very important we have a clear understanding of using the Nile water together, with a win-win approach,” he said….

Satellite image of the Nile flowing through Khartoum, via NASA


Anonymous said...

enough is enough for egypt,to try to put us behind for what it has been doing for centuries.We will never be let down no more nor be rejected fro whats ours. thanks you egypt for what you ahve done to us in the past.

Anonymous said...

If Ethiopia rejects that treaty and the colonial agreements, it is time for the Somalis to claim their land that had been signed for Ethiopia on the same page as the NIle agreement. it is good for us you guys disregard the piece of crap.