Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Climate adaptation funds needed urgently

Liz Kalaugher in Environmental Research Web: Funds to help the least-developed countries adapt to climate change are needed urgently. So say researchers who studied Mozambique and found that as a country's socio-economic conditions improve over time, its vulnerability to climate change tends to rise to a peak.

On the plus side, from 2025 onwards it looks like improved living standards could begin to outweigh rising climate exposure, although climate adaptation measures will still be needed.

"Right now, and for the next decade or two, both climate change and socio-economic development are pushing least-developed countries towards higher vulnerability," Anthony Patt of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria, told environmentalresearchweb, "since the highest risk levels are observed not in the very lowest developed countries, but rather in countries in the middle range of development. Towards mid-century, these countries may become developed enough such that further development will then lower risk levels, counteracting some or all of the effects of climate change."

At the moment, international funds available for climate adaptation are several orders of magnitude lower than the $9–100 bn each year that estimates indicate is required. Before this study there was little indication of the speed with which the money will be needed.

"Of course, as we look further and further out into the future, uncertainties rise and so we do not say anything about vulnerability past mid-century," said Patt. "Various findings reported in the most recent IPCC assessment suggest that there may be more serious climate impacts then, challenging the ability of any country to adapt."…

Satellite image of Mozambique, NASA


Marie Devine said...

The United Nations Climate Change Conference process is

Reducing CO2 emissions cuts growth capacity of plants
necessary for SURVIVAL.

Signing a BINDING AGREEMENT under United Nations takes away FREEDOM.
Promising poor nations money to sign a binding agreement is bribery
to take their authority to govern their resources leading to conflicts and wars.
CAP and TRADE is a loophole for rich nations to avoid compliance and
it invites and creates bribery, corruption, bondage and servitude.
It redirects farmers from growing food to fuel creating a food crisis.

It continues the same lifestyle that pollutes our air, land, water
and food leading to disease and death.
It discourages animals that are vital to planet life because they give off gas.
Animals spread seeds and fertilize the land and are security in famine.

The lasting and sustainable solution has been given to the United Nation,
Ban Ki-Moon, US presidents Clinton, Bush and Barack Obama, Al Gore,
the EU, COP15, for the G-8, G-20 and to major religious leaders.

The employment lifestyle causes the world problems.
A garden paradise lifestyle would reverse and solve them easily, quickly,
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New technology, jobs and money are not the solution;
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Leviticus 26 God promises rain in due season and healthy crops, people and
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To those who reject it, He promises terror and 4 x 7 curses UNTIL we
turn to follow as it is written in truth, not as religions teach.

If survival, freedom, peace, good health and good food are the true goals,
why does the United Nations Climate Conference turn to confusion, binding
legal agreements and oppressions that cannot do anything to stop pollution
and destruction of our planet?

God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

Anonymous said...

VRy interesting to study it :P