Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Climate change will 'prompt refugee influx'

Perth Now: Poverty caused by climate change will increase the number of refugees into Europe from neighbouring regions, Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom says. Dr Solyom outlined the challenges facing his republic in a speech on climate change and sustainable development delivered in Sydney today.

"It has been recognised recently ... that climate change is indeed a security risk," he said. "I think that this will become increasingly important and this aspect will also bring or force countries that have neglected these issues ... to look at the issue of security and be alert to this.
"For Europe it poses a increasing problem with the huge flock of refugees from Africa. This makes the internal relations of certain countries extremely difficult.

"These refugees flee because of poverty, but climate change will just increase the level of poverty, that's quite obvious." His comments did not include whether Australia can expect a similar increase in refugees, but he said a combined effort was needed to address climate change and different parts of the world would experience different effects.

He called for fairness and cohesion in "achieving a change in etiquette" in the face of climate change. "Everyone accepts that we are rebuilding a ship while sailing in the middle of the ocean," Dr Solyom said…

Vegetable market on Hamburg's Hopfenmarkt, circa 1900

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