Saturday, July 25, 2009

Water crisis in Uganda

Chris Ahimbisibwe in, via New Vision (Uganda): Bushenyi district is facing a water crisis due to the prolonged drought. Schools are the most affected, as students trek long distances in search of water. The district assistant education officer, Sabastian Katungwensi, said some schools had no water harvesting tanks and access to gravity water.

He said if the drought continued, the school term could be ended prematurely. "The boarding schools have been seriously affected. They are trying to improvise by using their vehicles to carry water," Katungwensi said.

In villages people line up at protected springs to get water. "The situation is terrible," said a Bushenyi town resident. The National Water and Sewerage Cooperation area manager, Cyrus Aomu, said: "We have nothing to do because the drought has affected the water table."…

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