Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Satellites more than a useful tool' for South Africa

IT-Web (South Africa): Remote sensing is no longer merely useful; it has become crucial in ensuring mankind's survival. That's the word from science and technology minister Naledi Pandor. She addressed the 2009 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, at the University of Cape Town, yesterday.

Pandor said satellites are now at the core of worldwide communications, global positioning systems and data gathering on topics as vital as climate change and global warming. “With the Earth experiencing devastating natural disasters – hurricanes, droughts, floods and heat waves – remote sensing is no longer merely useful, but has become crucial in ensuring our survival.”

Pandor also confirmed SA's second satellite, Sumbandilasat, will be launched next month. “The main objectives of this programme are to strengthen the technological capabilities and space resources that exist in SA, to develop capacity in satellite engineering, and to provide earth observation data for a wide range of applications,” she added. “The development of Sumbandilasat offers our country and region a number of advantages, including scientific and economic growth, and information to use for sustainable development, security and planning.”…

Maybe this NASA view of Tankwa Karoo in South Africa will soon be replaced by the homegrown version

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