Thursday, July 30, 2009

Africa needs funds to fight climate change

Robert Bakiike in New Vision (Uganda): African countries have identified climate change as an issue of concern. During the Bonn talks recently, world leaders called for the need for national climate mitigation actions. National mitigation plans have not been defined because developing countries are different. However, mitigation plans will include actions like reducing greenhouse emissions, degradation and deforestation.

In an African minister’s environment meet in Nairobi in May, the ministers agreed to mainstream climate change adaptation measures into national and regional plans. The ministers urged the international community to increase support to Africa to help the continent cope with climate change.

Developing countries have limited funds to develop strategies to mitigate climate change. In addition, Africa has insufficient technology to handle climate change. Yet before negotiating for climate funds, developing countries are required to develop greenhouse gas inventories and national adaptation plans. All these exercises demand time and money, but offer little direct benefit to the country’s population….

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