Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What's the temperature when you have to wear a costume? That's one of my earliest memories of paying attention to the weather. Didn't want to swelter or freeze in my tiger pajamas and domino mask. Meanwhile, I'm sorry that I won't be at the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village this year. Current events will no doubt stoke an explosiion of busking creativity. Some of my favorites from parades past: Tippi Hedren from The Birds, complete with birds; twelve people coming as the Louvre, including the Mona Lisa with two guards carrying a felt rope in front of her; gay Bravehearts dressed as Mel Gibson in matching pink kilts; a Chinese dinner, with two children as chopsticks; satanic Dick Cheneys; zombie Henry Kissingers; and, just to fit in with the theme of this blog, a melting iceberg bobbing up Sixth Avenue trailing ice cubes, fake snow and the occasional stuffed seal.

Many thanks to James Harrison for this public domain image from the London Underground.

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