Wednesday, October 29, 2008

China warns more extreme weather to come

Xinhua: China warned on Wednesday that it faces more warmer weather, more extreme climate events and more severe drought in the future. "Extreme climate phenomena, such as high temperatures, heavy rain and snow and severe droughts, have increased in frequency and intensity," it said in a white paper released Wednesday.

The average temperature of Earth's surface in China had risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius from 1908 to 2007, according to the white paper. But China admitted that it was difficult to control greenhouse gas emissions because of the ongoing industrialization process and its coal-dominated energy mix.

“To advance further towards its development objective, China will strive for a rational growth of energy demand," said the white paper. "The coal-dominated energy mix cannot be substantially changed in the near future, thus making the control of greenhouse gas emissions rather difficult."

The sea level will rise faster than ever, it also warned. In China's coastal zones, the sea surface temperature and sea level have risen by 0.9 degree Celsius and 90 mm, respectively, over the past 30 years. Climate change has had visible adverse effects on China's agriculture and livestock-raising sectors, manifested by severe damages to crops and livestock in extreme weather, the report stated….

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